Organizing seminars

The company holds electronic industry conferences, forums, workshops on marketing research results, and leading Russian and foreign experts’ seminars.

We conduct more than 20 events of different subjects where more than 1000 specialists participate every year.

Past Inernational events:

Seminar and conference review

For electronic components distributors:

We arrange presentations of electronics market research results for the electronic components distributors and manufacturers.

We also carry out the annual Distributors’ Forum in October.

We invite the electronic components distributors to distributor companies’ head quarterly meetings.


For electronic components suppliers and logistic mangers:

We hold the “Protection from counterfeit electronic components” and “Supply and inventory management’’ seminars for the electronic manufacturing specialists.


For developers:

We reiterate the most successful seminars and conferences renewing the program annually:

  • “Electronic equipment development project management” seminar for developers, department heads, and project managers;
  • “PCB designing for the Hi-Rel systems” seminar for PCB designers;
  • “High-frequency power converter designing” seminar for power electronics developers.
  • International "Power Conversion and Drive Conference" (IPCDC);
  • “Hi-Rel control system development” seminar.


For technologists and production managers:

We are glad to introduce series of our seminars devoted to production organization. The set includes:

  • “Electronic equipment production: organization and technology” conference;
  • “Technology management organization of electronic equipment production” seminar;
  • “Supply and inventory management” seminar for the electronics manufacturing specialists;
  • “Factory human resources management” seminar.

To develop the series of industrial seminars, we arrange production director conference named “Electronic equipment production: organization and technology”.


For HR managers:

“Human resources management at electronic industry enterprises” conference.


5th Forum of distributors of electronic components was held October 31 in Saint Petersburg

The main topics of this year's Forum were opportunities and risks during the recession of the market. The Forum was attended by more than 50 top-managers and owners of Russian distribution companies.

5th annual Distributors Forum 2013 will be held on October 31 in St. Petersburg

The key topic of the Forum is opportunities and risks in the market during a recession

The International Power Conversion and Drive Colloquium (IPCDC) have been held on October 16th

The colloquium has been organized by the Center of Modern Electronics with support of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Power Suppliers and IEEE members.

Prof. Ralph Kennel held the seminar in Moscow for Russian power electronics engineers.

The seminar was organized by the Center of Modern Electronics 26-27 February 2013.

The date and place of the Russian EC market presentation have been approved

The presentation will take place at the “electronica” exhibition in Munich, Germany, on November 16, 2012.

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