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Analytical Center of Modern Electronics has completed the research on the Russian market of the electronic components. The research was initiated by the Association of Suppliers of Electronic Components (ASPEC) ( The ASPEC meeting of members has approved the research goals and objectives and the content of the report. The period of data acquisition totaled 4 months (February- May 2015).

The preliminary results of this research were first presented on April 29, 2015 during the seminar-presentation in Moscow. This version was prepared and revised based on comments and clarifications received from participants of the presentation. According to the inference made by the members of ASPEC, the report gives a reasonable view on Russian market of electronic components.

The study covers Russian market of semi-conductors, passive and electromechanical components, modules and displays used in electronic equipment production. The significant integration of Russian and Belarusian economies and close connections between the two countries, as well as the privileged customs regulations, make it possible to regard the Russian and Belarusian electronics markets as a single market.


The report contains 104 pages, 38 tables, and 13 figures.

The report is distributed in English and Russian languages.

Price for non-members of the Association: €1200


To order the report, please, send the request via email or fax +7(495)280-04-19.


5th Forum of distributors of electronic components was held October 31 in Saint Petersburg

The main topics of this year's Forum were opportunities and risks during the recession of the market. The Forum was attended by more than 50 top-managers and owners of Russian distribution companies.

5th annual Distributors Forum 2013 will be held on October 31 in St. Petersburg

The key topic of the Forum is opportunities and risks in the market during a recession

The International Power Conversion and Drive Colloquium (IPCDC) have been held on October 16th

The colloquium has been organized by the Center of Modern Electronics with support of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Power Suppliers and IEEE members.

Prof. Ralph Kennel held the seminar in Moscow for Russian power electronics engineers.

The seminar was organized by the Center of Modern Electronics 26-27 February 2013.

The date and place of the Russian EC market presentation have been approved

The presentation will take place at the “electronica” exhibition in Munich, Germany, on November 16, 2012.

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