About Company

Center of Modern Electronics was founded in 2009 for information and analytical services for Russian electronic companies.

Organizing seminars

Our company holds electronics industry conferences, forums, workshops and round tables. We conduct more than 20 events of different subjects where more than 1000 electronics professionals participate every year.

Marketing researches

CME provides annual researches on Russian market of electronic components. The Report of the research includes analysis of Russian electronics industry as well as supply chains of electronic components and ranking of top-customers and top-suppliers. Also we provide custom researches of Russian electronics market and industry.

Strategy consulting

CME supports strategy development process for the largest Russian electronic companies. This service include development of the methodology, scheduling of the process, organizing of the meetings of the workgroup, marketing information collecting, formalization of the solutions and editing of the reports. We conduct 2 strategy development processes annually.

Clients' base

Data base of our actual clients includes more than 1000 companies and about 5000 persons. The base of potential clients includes more than 3000 companies. The most of top-100 Russian electronic companies use our services regularly.

Our staff and partners

Our staff is 6 people. We involve in our projects leading Russian and foreign professionals in different fields. We have long-term agreements with 8 high skilled engineers and managers.


5th Forum of distributors of electronic components was held October 31 in Saint Petersburg

The main topics of this year's Forum were opportunities and risks during the recession of the market. The Forum was attended by more than 50 top-managers and owners of Russian distribution companies.

5th annual Distributors Forum 2013 will be held on October 31 in St. Petersburg

The key topic of the Forum is opportunities and risks in the market during a recession

The International Power Conversion and Drive Colloquium (IPCDC) have been held on October 16th

The colloquium has been organized by the Center of Modern Electronics with support of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Power Suppliers and IEEE members.

Prof. Ralph Kennel held the seminar in Moscow for Russian power electronics engineers.

The seminar was organized by the Center of Modern Electronics 26-27 February 2013.

The date and place of the Russian EC market presentation have been approved

The presentation will take place at the “electronica” exhibition in Munich, Germany, on November 16, 2012.

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